Health and Safety Policy 2015

Implementation of Policy

The Churchwardens will ensure that all employees and church members have access to the Health and Safety Policy which is located in the Parish Office, and available for inspection during office hours.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments will be undertaken for all Church activities and systems annually.  The results of the risk assessments will be recorded in writing, and safety procedures produced and implemented to ensure adequate levels of health safety and welfare.

Risk assessments are to be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are still appropriate to the tasks covered, and to include any new assessments according to any changing circumstances. The Parish Health and Safety Officer shall be responsible for undertaking risk assessments as necessary.

The results of risk assessment shall be recorded and kept in the Parish Office with the Health and Safety Policy. The findings of the risk assessments will be reported to, and agreed with, the Churchwardens.

Action required to remove or control the risks identified will be approved by the Churchwardens, who shall be responsible for ensuring that any required action is implemented.