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November 2017

Remembrance, Advent and Christmas 2017

The Ossuary and the Crypt

HPR November 2017.pdf

October 2017

Whatever next? The Tardis at St Leonard’s

First Impressions

HPR October 2017.pdf

Sept 2017

Venetian Fete Pictures

Meeting God in the darkness

Charity Update

HPR September 17.pdf

August 2017

Ashford Youth Orchestra

The famous Harrison and Harrison organ

Whatever happened to those refugees

Fun, Games and Blessings

HPR August 17.pdf

July 2017

The Silent Pool

Worship Matters

HPR July 17.pdf

June 2017

St Leonard’s in Spring

Introducing Pru Dulley

A Justly Forgotten Story?

HPR June 17.pdf

May 2017


A Typical Month in the Life of your Lay Reader

Whitsun Day or Whit Sunday?

More Bongs – Less Sacred, more Secular.

HPR May17.pdf

April 2017

Lent, Holy Week and Easter

WORSHIP MATTERS – Come back Cranmer? Amen.

St George - our patron saint who isn’t English

‘The Empire of Death’

HPR April17.pdf

March 2017

Come back Cranmer

The Rainbow Centre - a sign of hope

Visit by University of Kent Osteology students

'Tis Time

A Fledgling Churchwarden

HPR Feb 17.pdf

February 2017

The Mass Dials

Resourcing Our Vision

Corporation Pews in St Leonard’s Church

HPR Feb 17.pdf

December 2016

Stir Up Sunday

Advent And Christmas Events

Bethleham Comes To Cantebury

The Biblical Tree Search

HPR December 16.pdf

November 2016

St. Leonard’s Arts and Crafts Fair

Preparations for Advent


HPR November 16.pdf

October 2016

Worship Matters - Healing and Wholeness

Painting a parable

Biblical Trees - The search continues

HPR October 16.pdf

September 2016

Jonah and the Whale

Family Fun Day of Celebration

The Father of English Hymnody

HPR September 16.pdf

August 2016

The CINDI Community Lunch

An early recording that made history

The Fig Tree

HPR August 16.pdf

July 2016

Hythe Festival at St Leonard’s

Roughshod come to Hythe

Who and what is our President?

Bishop’s Move

HPR July 16.pdf

June 2016

Worship Matters - The Body of Christ

Give a Book

Which way Europe?

A Tourist’s Prayer

HPR June16.pdf

May 2016

A Morning Meditation

Malcolm McHaffie and the Calvary Chapel

Did Those Feet? Really?

Worship Matters – but what’s it for?

HPR May16.pdf

April 2016

Scene in Church 1909

A Sermon in a Sentence

St. Michael’s Methodist Anglican Church Centre

The Little Man Outwits the Hoi Polloi

HPR March16.pdf

March 2016

Life Down Under

More on the Calvary Chapel

The Use and Misuse of Trees - Holy Week

HPR March16.pdf

February 2016

A Vision for the Parish

South East Corner of St. Leonard’s

Biblical Trees

Organ Repairs

Beware of these contagious diseases in church!

HPR Feb16.pdf

January 2016

William Lionel Man

Deepening Discipleship

Organ scholars – where are they now? Part 2

HPR Jan 16.pdf

December 2015

Advent and Christmas in our parish

Christmas Present Problem?

Harvest at the foodbank

Our Crypt Skulls

HPR Dec 15.pdf

November 2015

At war with Saltwood

Magna Carta

Organ Scholars Remembrance

Come all ye Butterflies and Pelicans

HPR Nov15.pdf

October 2015

Turbulent Priests

St Leonard’s Eve

The Brick

How many church members does it take…

HPR Oct 15.pdf

September 2015

St Leonard’s illuminated by Venetian Fete fireworks

This magnificent church

Churchyard activities

Young performers shine during July lunchtime recitals

HPR sept 15.pdf

August 2015

Celebration of a new ministry in pictures

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance

Major Lyall Btandreth

HPR aug 15.pdf

July 2015

St Swithin - saint for a rainy day

Universal Laws

The Grave of Private Trueman

HPR July 15.pdf

June 2015

A letter from Rev Andrew Sweeney

Remembering the past, Celebrating the present

There are six days between us

HPR June 15.pdf

May 2015

A re-think on the Crypt

Talking Stone


HPR May 15.pdf

April 2015

Where did Jesus spend Easter?

Inclusive Church Leader Speaks

Should the Church meddle in politics?

HPR April 15.pdf

March 2015

Women’s World Day Of Prayer

What Justin Welby really said.

It can be for me - it might be for you.

HPR March15.pdf

February 2015

2015 Concerts in St Leonard’s Church

For Lo! The days are hastening on

More about new monasticism

News from CINDI(K)

Lent 2015

Women’s World Day of Prayer

HPR Feb 15.pdf

January 2015

Who do we think we are?

New Monasticism

Embrace the Middle East

A heavenly experience

Off to Cornwall in a camper

HPR Jan 15.pdf

December 2014

Seasonal Thoughts

Parish Retreat at Alton Abbey

New features in the churchyard

Going West - Farewell to Tony and Pat

The Unanswered Riddle - 4th Article on the crypt by Mike Umbers

HPR Dec 14.pdf

November 2014

Thoughts on Bones - 3rd Article on the crypt by Mike Umbers

Pictures from the Bishop’s visit

HPR Nov.pdf

October 2014

The Other Conundrum - 2nd Article on the crypt by Mike Umbers

St Leonard’s Church Pulpit Mosaics

Reminiscences of an Irish Harvest - Sean McNally

On Keeping a Diary - Desmond Sampson

Divine Evolution? - Pat Chipping

HPR Oct.pdf

September 2014

Two Conundrums - Mike Umbers

Semper Vigilans

The Garden Party at Vergers

Food for Thoughts and Thoughts for Food - Desmond Sampson

HPR Sept.pdf

August 2014

A Treasure or a Bore - Desmond Sampson

A Few Hints for the Organist

HPR August 14.pdf

July 2014

The Other Side of the Sheets - Zoe Philips (Dr.)

Canterbury Oast Trust

Reading Error - Dudley Shipton

Gay Wedding : A personal Perspective - Sean McNally

The Church’s Former Reredos - Mike Umbers

HPR July.pdf

June 2014

A Fateful Encounter - Mike Umbers

Secrets of the Skulls and Bones - Mike Pearson

The Treasure Hunt

HPR June.pdf

May  2014

Ladder of Hope

Breakfast on the Beach

When we forget

14th Annual Women’s Breakfast

The Sequel to the Resurrection

More facts about Percy William Jones

HPR May 14.pdf

March 2014

Lent 2014

The Fourth King

A motorist’s prayer

Women’s Breakfast 2014

HPR March.pdf