Health and Safety Policy 2015

Fire Safety

Safe Use Of Candles

Choice of candle

Only good quality slow-burning candles are to be used

Pricket Stand

A confined long burning candle is to be available to light the candles.

Hand-held candles

Great care needs to be taken where the congregation is given candles to hold, especially where large numbers are involved. Apart from the risk of igniting service sheets etc., molten wax can cause damage to clothing and is very hot.

Purpose-made candles are available, and should be used with proper slide-on card drip trays.

Where children are involved, even greater care is necessary. Children should be properly supervised and care taken to ensure that they do not stand too close together, or too close behind one another, as there’s a risk of both clothing and hair being set alight. Processions while holding candles are probably best avoided.


The person leading the service should be aware of the fire risk, and in the event of an emergency, be ready to deal with the fire with the appropriate equipment.

Candles must never be left burning when there’s no responsible person left in the church and always check that all candles, except confined long-burning enclosed candles, are extinguished before locking up


Stewards should have torches so that any minor problems can be dealt with quickly without bringing on the main lights. But in the event of a fire, or other serious emergency, the main lights must be brought on immediately




Before the event, make the following announcement -  

In the unlikely event of a fire or the lights failing, please stay calm.

There are three exits (indicating them in the best tradition of an airline steward) –

The main door where you came in

The door opposite the main door by the choir vestry

Through the clergy vestry at the back of the church.

There are green exit signs over them.

Should the power fail there is emergency lighting which will cut in to illuminate the church and the porch.

Please look after children and those who are less mobile.

Lastly, please turn off your mobile phones or set them to silent mode.