Parish of St Leonard with Holy Cross and St Michael’s Methodist-Anglican Church Centre

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St Leonard’s Church, Hythe, Kent

A warm welcome to St Leonard's Church, Hythe!

St Leonard’s is a beautiful church in a beautiful place. It stands high and proud above the town of Hythe, looking towards the coast of France, which can be easily seen on a clear day. Thousands of visitors pass through its doors every year, and enjoy the magnificent architecture and extraordinary crypt.

For over nine hundred years it has been a place of pilgrimage and worship, a place where people have experienced something of the divine nature, a place where they have been taken out of themselves. Today, in a more secular age, it continues to help all who, whatever their religious beliefs (or lack of them), want to explore what it is to be most fully human.

As a genuinely Inclusive Church we extend a warm welcome to everyone, and celebrate their wonderful diversity. We look forward to meeting you!